The Rocka

Shaka Rocka was born and raised on the Eastside of South Central Los Angeles. Born the youngest son of two Belizean immigrants, he was forced to find his own way around the tumultuous streets of L.A., which landed him on the doorsteps of the Mad Swan Bloods. “There was so much violence I got caught up in, and it never seemed to go away, whether I was doing it or being around it and seeing it everywhere,” Shaka says, his wide eyes welling with pain from the memories. That same pain began to regurgitate itself via pen and paper, poetry and rhymes and birthed his musical journey, which mirrored his experiences and cultivated him into the passionate powerhouse of a performer he is today.

His undeniable talent and prominent status in the blood community warranted him to be in the presence of known blood rap artists and his catchy, yet truthful hooks rang bells in the ears of all who listened. His underground lyrics began to flood the Eastside and the fans wanted to know more about the mystery blood. With the release of the incisive documentary “Crips & Bloods: Made in America,” they got just what they asked for. Shaka found validation as one of the primary interview subjects in the film, taking pride in showing that there’s a better way to live than thugging while also inspiring his own dreams of publishing a memoir of life on the streets and creating hip-hop music the hood could relate to. Several documentaries, movies and speaking engagements later, he embarked on a full time music career and hasn’t looked back since. Shaka has catapulted into one of the most sought after hip-hop figures on social media.

The world was introduced to his raw talent on a broader spectrum as he released his debut single Dapper Dan (I’m Gucci) which pays homage to Fashion legend Dapper Dan and his recent deal with Gucci. The video garnered over 1 million views on World Star and put him on the map as one to look out for. After dropping his debut album “The West Bank”, Shaka seems to be dominating social media and the underground music scene with Songs like “Animal”, “Take the Pain Away” and “Long Time Coming” which is a recollection of his life in the hood as a youngster up until this point. His footprint in the music industry has been solidified using his manual style flow to reiterate hood etiquette and set the tone while trending in his own realm.

Opportunities knocked for Shaka Rocka as he opened for OT Genasis at Wiz Khalifa’s Dazed & Blazed Tour, took the stage at the Dub Show and he’s been working monotonously ever since. Shaka’s next project “Ghetto Bird” took his music career to the new heights. The track that took the streets by storm was “The Code”, also known as the street constitution. It was his natural walk in the video that had the fans emulating him everywhere. It’s a must see! It precedes hits like “My Set” and “Whomp Whomp” which has recently caught the attention of R&B royalty Chris Brown. “Ghetto Bird” is a compilation of fifteen bangers that show his versatility and sheer talent! It will definitely leave you wanting more.

Hence wanting more, the major topic at hand, his latest masterpiece “Tha 4foe”! As titled, it hails four slappers that all stand alone as singles on every chart known to man. From “What You Bang” to “Lodi Dodi”, becoming a fan of Shaka’s is involuntary. The video for “What You Bang” dropped the same day as the new EP and is available on YouTube. “Tha 4foe” is out now and available on all platforms. Go download, stream and tap in with the General. In an environment where only the strong survive, Shaka Rocka is on the top of the food chain. Just like Shaka Zulu, Rocka is a general of his tribe and is etching his name in history by putting his trauma and pain on wax for the world to hear. Stay tuned!